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UNDP Conscious Food Systems Alliance

The Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA), is a movement of food, agriculture, and consciousness practitioners, convened by UNDP, and united around a common goal: to support people from across food and agriculture systems to cultivate the inner capacities that activate systemic change and regeneration.

Food Sense Wales is pleased to be a member of this movement and is proud that Katie Palmer, Programme Manager at Food Sense Wales is an elected a member of CoFSA’S Inner Council, a group chaired by Andrew Bovarnick, UNDP Global Head, Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems.  The group defines and steers the implementation of CoFSA strategy as well as being responsible for decision-making on key aspects of the Alliance.  Katie is one of only 12 food systems practitioners from across the globe sitting on the on the Inner Council and her presence will help influence positive transformational change within both a Wales and a global context.

Having also contributed to the development of the CoFSA Manifesto, Katie is now working with Welsh Government’s Sustainable Development Change Manager around developing a community of practice to support the growing food partnerships network in Wales. Part of the offer will be training to build inner capacities linked to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act’s ways of working and using these techniques with colleagues in Welsh Government to approach areas of conflict and try and seek resolution.

Watch the video below for to find out more or click here to visit the website.