Consultation on the draft Food (Wales) Bill

Yesterday (18 July 2022), Peter Fox MS launched a consultation on a draft Food (Wales) Bill, inviting people to give their views on how the proposed law has been drafted. The consultation is scheduled to close on Friday, 16 September 2022.

The draft Food (Wales) Bill was seeks to establish a more sustainable food system in Wales to strengthen food security, improve Wales’ socioeconomic well-being, and enhance consumer choice. The draft Bill will also provide a framework that enables a coherent, consistent and strategic cross-governmental approach to policy and practice on all aspects of the food system.

A proposal to introduce a new Food (Wales) Bill was put forward by Peter Fox MS last year and won the support of the Senedd in November 2021.  The Bill was selected in the Sixth Senedd’s first Member Bill Ballot, a process that provides all Members of the Senedd (excluding members of the Welsh Government) with the opportunity to put forward a proposal for new legislation they would like to see introduced.

This consultation now seeks views on the draft Bill and on the policy objectives contained within it.

Food Sense Wales encourages people interested and involved with food in Wales and beyond to have their say as part of this consultation.  A resilient, sustainable and healthy food system is vital for Wales’ social and economic prosperity as well as meeting Wales’s commitments under the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

The draft Food (Wales) Bill could provide Wales with the ideal opportunity to  integrate food policy across all areas of government in conjunction with Welsh Government’s Programme for Government commitments – including health, education, climate change, biodiverisity and the economy. Food Sense Wales is excited to see how this draft bill progresses and looks forward to highlighting the knowledge and experience of those already working within Wales’s food system to help inform and develop a meaningful and impactful approach.  Food Sense Wales would encourage partners and stakeholders to do the same.

Tomorrow (July 20th), Katie Palmer, Programme Manager at Food Sense Wales will be speaking at Sustainable Food Places’ Day of Celebration and Action in Westminster – an event to highlight the work of food partnerships and to put out a call for: one food bill for every nation, one food plan and partnership in every local area.  Katie will be speaking about the developments in Wales and urging attendees representing Wales to contribute to the consultation.

Information provided during the consultation process may be used by the Member in charge of the Bill, Members’ Support Staff and Senedd Commission staff, during the development of a Member Bill, promotion of the intended effect of the Bill, and subsequent scrutiny of the Bill.

For full details see the Senedd’s Member Bill Privacy Notice before submitting information.

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