The Session will focus on investigating the role and potential of consciousness and inner development to transform food systems for more sustainability, regeneration and equity. It aims to spark curiosity and inspire participants to support the vision of the Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA).

The event will be moderated by Jonathan Confino, an executive coach, facilitator, journalist, and Zen mindfulness practitioner who works at the intersection of personal transformation and systems change.

It will feature inspiring speakers, representatives from food systems and awareness-based systems change:

  • Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer in the MIT Sloan School of Management and co-founder of the Presencing Institute
  • Thais Corral, Social innovator, and Founder of Sinal do Vale
  • Godfrey Nzamujo, Director of the Songhai Regional Centre, Republic of Benin
  • Thomas Legrand, Lead Technical Advisor of the Conscious Food Systems Alliance.

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