Food Policy Alliance Cymru commends the Senedd on supporting the introduction of a new Food (Wales) Bill

Food Policy Alliance Cymru commends the Senedd on supporting the introduction of a new Food (Wales) Bill

Yesterday (Wednesday 17 November), a proposal put forward by Peter Fox MS to introduce a new Food (Wales) Bill won the support of the Senedd.

During the plenary session, Peter Fox MS asked Senedd members to support the Bill’s principles and its aim to establish a more sustainable food system in Wales to strengthen food security, improve Wales’ socio-economic well-being, and enhance consumer choice.

The Bill was selected in the Sixth Senedd’s first Member Bill Ballot, a process that provides all Members of the Senedd (excluding members of the Welsh Government) with the opportunity to put forward a proposal for new legislation they would like to see introduced.

Food Policy Alliance Cymru is very pleased that the proposals put forward for a Food (Wales) Bill received cross-party support during yesterday’s plenary session,” said a spokesperson on behalf of the Alliance.

Food is a basic necessity and an essential ingredient for a good life, however, the way we currently produce and consume much of our food contributes to biodiversity decline and climate change; causes diet-related health problems and has led to a dependence on food banks and financial hardship for many farmers. 

“Everyone in Wales should have dignified access to enough nutritious, sustainably produced food, all of the time. The food system has a vital role to play in addressing the nature and climate crises and we should also be able to secure fair income for farmers and all food sector workers.

“Our food system can contribute significantly to Wales’ collective prosperity and we believe that this Bill is a step in the right direction in recognising its invaluable impact and influence.   

“Food Policy Alliance Cymru also applauds the way in which the proposal seeks to develop a framework for future food policy.  We believe an integrated approach is key to creating a resilient and sustainable food system for Wales.  A systems approach to food-related policies can create synergies across government departments, helping to achieve policy targets relating to health and well-being, environmental sustainability, social justice and community resilience.

“There is a plethora of ‘on the ground’ food-related activity taking place in communities across Wales and a ground-swell of support for place-based action.  As the Minister for Rural Affairs rightly highlighted during the debate, we now need to see a bottom up approach as we move forward, garnering the knowledge, the local intelligence and lived experience of people working as part of food related businesses, projects and initiatives across Wales to help shape and inform future developments.

“As well as being a positive day for those of us working within Wales’ food system, it was also encouraging to see such a range of supportive contributions from all parties, across the whole of the chamber, during such an important and timely debate.

“We look forward to working with Peter Fox MS and his colleagues in both the Senedd and in Welsh Government to help create a Food Bill for Wales that can help reimagine our food system for our future generations.”

Dr Angelina Sanderson Bellamy, Associate Professor of Food Systems of UWE and member of Food Policy Alliance Cymru added: “Potentially this is a huge moment for food in Wales. An overarching food strategy for the nation is desperately needed if we are going to meet the enormous challenges we face in terms of diet related disease, food inequality, climate change, nature loss and food sovereignty. If we don’t come together to plan now, events will overtake us and we will not have the resilience to deal with future shocks to the global supply chain. The task now is to use the bill to come together and imagine a fairer, sustainable and economically viable food system for the nation.”

Peter Fox MS now has 13 months to prepare the details and formally introduce the Bill.


  • For further information and to arrange interviewees / spokespeople, please contact Sian-Elin Davies, Communications and Engagement Manager, Food Sense Wales.

Food Policy Alliance Cymru is a coalition of organisations and stakeholders building and promoting a collective vision for the Welsh food system.

Through collaboration, engagement and research the Alliance aims to:

  • Co-produce a vision for a food system in Wales that connects production, supply and consumption and gives equal consideration to the health and wellbeing of people and nature.
  • Advocate for policy change to address climate and ecological emergencies, the public health crisis and the rise in food insecurity.
  • Ensure Wales is linked to UK policy, research opportunities and the broader global system.