Food Policy Alliance Cymru endorses Wales Environment Link briefing

Yesterday, Wales Environment Link published a briefing on Sustainable Food Production and Food Security.  Here, Food Policy Alliance Cymru outlines why it’s endorsing its approach:

“Our food system in the UK is currently facing significant challenges which bring together the impacts of the pandemic, Brexit, ongoing nature, climate and health crises and now a geopolitical crisis with an immediate impact. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected by global events.

“These events have heightened the global debate on food security. They have also reminded us of the vulnerabilities which lie at the core of our globalised commodity food system; a system reliant on mass international trade, chemical inputs and fossil fuel power. They have shown us that we must look at the resilience of our food and farming systems.

“Food Policy Alliance Cymru endorses the approach in the Wales Environment Link briefing published yesterday which emphasises the need in Wales to improve the food system as a whole – from farm to fork – if we are to enable a resilient system that can nourish future generations. Shifting towards environmentally friendly farming practices, such as agroecology, organic farming, and agroforestry, will provide a path to ensure long-term food security, food sovereignty, and the overall sustainability of food systems. Investing in resilient ecosystems that are able to produce food, and all the other services we depend on, will increase our own food security and that of the planet.”