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Bridging the Gap

What is Bridging the Gap?

Bridging the Gap is a programme led by Sustain, Growing Communities and Alexandra Rose Charity with nation partners Food Sense Wales, Nourish NI and Nourish Scotland.
Food that is good for people and the planet, benefits communities and supports decent livelihoods is currently more expensive than food that is bad for health and produced in ways that damage the planet. We want to change that by bridging the gap between communities experiencing low incomes and health inequalities, with affordable and planet-friendly food that enables everyone to enjoy a universally healthy, just and sustainable food system.

Bridging the Gap Pilots

Bridging the Gap will explore the most effective financial mechanisms that can create access to agroecological/organic food for people on low incomes. The programme will deliver a series of pilot projects across the UK that demonstrate the policies and financial mechanisms that would bridge the gap. The pilot interventions will be focussed on low income communities in urban areas and on the supply, purchase, and retail of organic or agroecological fruit and veg.

Six areas of focus

Following intensive coproduction, we have prioritised six focus areas, which will be familiar to many of us, and therefore have years of advocacy and campaigning behind them. Our challenge is to develop evidence from our pilots for a suite of policy demands and agree a narrative to help us bridge the gap as a movement.

• Enhancing public sector and community food procurement
• Investing in food hubs and wholesaler supply chains
• Advocating for voucher schemes and fruit and veg on prescription
• Recognising the value of horticulture
• Building access through local retail (non-multiple)
• Championing a Real Living Wage in farming and beyond

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