Adam Jones

Adam Jones is a keen gardener from Carmarthenshire. He loves growing all kinds of plants but especially fruit and vegetables and trying to live a self-sufficient life. He has always enjoyed eating vegetables and his interest in gardening started when he was 3 years old in his grandfather’s garden growing and harvesting all kinds of vegetables to enjoy with his family.

Five years ago, Adam and his wife bought their first home and set about establishing a new vegetable garden. He started sharing his love of gardening on Instagram @adamynyrardd back in August 2018 with the intention of sharing his and his wife, Sara’s life in the garden and their journey to living a self-sufficient life. The account includes photos of the garden, gardening advice, the lives of their chickens, ducks and quails as well as sharing the simple pleasures of living off the land. Adam wants to be a Veg Advocate to show how many exciting opportunities we have, not only to eat more vegetables, but to also grow our own vegetables locally and in a way that both respects and protects nature.