Llinos Hallgarth

Llinos is a development Office with Cered, the Welsh Language initiative in Ceredigion.  In her role, she helped start a garden project in the Llandysul area called ‘Yr Ardd’ – a new and exciting community garden project.  Its purpose is to create a welcoming and safe community area, where people of all ages can come together to grow all kinds of plants, learn new skills and socialise outdoors in the Llandysul and Pontweli area through the medium of Welsh.

In addition to her community work in the initiative, Llinos is also a complementary therapist with ‘Clinig Bach y Wlad’, and is qualified in various treatments.  Llinos, her sister Siân and her mother Lorraine have been running the clinic now for 10 years, and all three have a strong belief and passion in promoting health and well-being in a variety of ways.  Over the years they have seen how important the relationship between food and nutrition is for physical and mental health of the body in terms of illness, health and well-being.  It is not a subject that can sit alone.  When we treat a body, we have to question what we put in our body and how we generally treat the body daily, and how this relationship can make us healthy, happy and viable people.

Llinos is looking forward to using this role as a platform to share what she already knows with others.  She also wants to seize the opportunity to learn more from those involved, especially about growing and cultivating food and land, and from this apply what she learns in a holistic way to her life and community.