Zoe Jewell

Zoe Jewell is a student who hopes to continue with her learning and is working towards studying dietetics. Although she hasn’t before worked in the food industry, she’s always been extremely passionate about it.

When Zoe became a mother, her passion for food was sparked further as she wanted to ensure that her son had the healthiest start in life. Between Zoe and her partner, they have five children and they find that eating healthily can be very expensive, and can understand how some families turn to unhealthier, cheaper options. As part of her role as a Veg Advocate, Zoe is looking forward to helping advise larger families and children about how to eat healthily.

Zoe, who lives in Holyhead, wants to help educate the younger generation on well-being and would love to encourage them to try new vegetables. She believes that targeting children from a young age can help develop good eating habits that they can in turn, share with their parents. Zoe would also like to work with larger families to help educate them on how they can shop smarter and healthier.